Hello Aryaloka sangha!Painting

We have a new look and lots of new and improved functionality on the latest version of the Aryaloka website. There will be an expanded presentation at some point soon, during the 25th Anniversary evening series of talks, that will go into more detail. But for the moment, here are a few spots you might want to take a look at and explore…

Events Calendar

The new events calendar allows you to see our upcoming events at a glance. Each event has a rollover that gives you a quick teaser of what it’s about, and by clicking on the event it will take you to a more detailed description. Events are also labeled with different colors to reflect the group that they are for (for instance, Introductory events are in orange).

Online Registration

An enormously useful addition to our website. You can now register AND pay for events online using our online registration system. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal account through PayPal.

Online Donation

Again, using your credit card or PayPal account, it’s easy-peasy to make donations. You can make an ongoing pledge to our Mandala of Supporting Friends or a one-time donation. For pledges, the funds will be automatically charged and you’ll be supporting Aryaloka without ever even having to think about it.

“Life as a Buddhist” Section

Part of our ongoing efforts to inform those new to Buddhism on what it’s all about, the Life as a Buddhist section gives an overview of what Buddhist practice is, and in particular, how it’s practiced in the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Vajra Bell Online

As editor of the Vajra Bell newsletter, this is one of my favorites. Now, in addition to being able to download the Vajra Bell, you can read it online in a snazzy new format. And keep your eyes peeled for more changes coming to the newsletter… (pique your interest?)

The Web kula hopes you enjoy what we’ve put together!