Arts at Aryaloka

Appreciation and practice of the arts is seen within the Triratna Buddhist Community as an important means of engaging the emotions in the spiritual life and of making a bridge between traditional Buddhism and Western culture. Many of our sangha members make their living in the arts or have a strong creative talent. The arts bring richness and depth to our community and a personal connection with our own practice.

Aryaloka offers many opportunities to engage in creative pursuits through classes, retreats and workshops. We also have frequent arts events – musical performances, art showings, and more – through our Arts at Aryaloka programming. Arts events are open to all and always promise to be lively and elevating.

Upcoming and Previous Arts Events:

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Write Here, Write Now!

Event Dates: Sunday August 20, 2017

Beginning and experienced writers are invited to join Barbara Steiner for a day-long creative writing workshop at Aryaloka Buddhist Center. Based on the Amherst Writers and Artists method, we’ll write in response to exercises (which you are free to ignore) designed to help us bypass our inner critic and write from what comes to us. We’ll be invited to share what we’ve written, and respond to each other’s pieces with what we like and what works. This method helps generate material from the images, experiences and feelings we carry inside ourselves, without critique, questions or suggestions. To create a supportive and safe space, we maintain confidentiality, treat what we write as fiction, and concentrate on the writing at hand.

Barbara is a certified facilitator in the Amherst Writers and Artists Method developed by Pat Schneider. She has written and trained extensively with AWA-trained facilitator Patricia Lee Lewis, and has been a member of the Aryaloka community since 1991. Her philosophy is that writing is a social act that belongs to anyone who has something to say, and that we generate our juiciest material by inviting our inner (and outer) critics to go on a nice, long walk without us.

Led by: Barbara Steiner
Times: Sunday August 20, 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Sliding Scale: $85/70/55
Level: Open to All
Directions: Directions Page

* At Aryaloka, we strive to make our programs available to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. Our fee structure allows you to pay according to your means. The Sustaining price is for people comfortably paying their rent or mortgage, and who can afford the occasional meal out and movie. The Sustaining price level also helps Aryaloka offer lower prices to those who could otherwise not afford to attend. Any payment above this price is a tax-deductible donation. Mid-Level prices are for those who have a regular income and are paying their mortgage or rent. Prices at this level contribute to the range of Aryaloka’s operating costs. The Base-Level price is for those without an income or with an income low enough that making ends meet is a challenge. Those whose circumstances are not included above can call the office to arrange alternate pricing.

Art from the Order Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: July 3 – August 31; open for public viewing weekdays, 10 am – 3 pm July 5-19; July 26 – Aug 4.

Art is at the heart of the Order that Urgyen Sangharakshita founded fifty years ago. Aryaloka is fortunate to have six Triratna Order Members exhibiting in the Yoga Room gallery during July and August.

Dh. Amala will be displaying photos and an assemblage expressing connection to the elements

Dh. Ashokashri will be displaying fiber and stitch collages based on her responses to land (Isle of Lewis) and friends’ passing.

Dh. Kiranada will be exhibiting three Buddha-themed wall hangings in the rozome (Japanese wax-resist) technique she has been working with for thirty-five years.

Dh. Narottama will be exhibiting two works: “New Day,” acrylic and pen on canvas, and “The Lord of Death” Owl and Mouse, apple wood carving

Dh. Rijupatha will be displaying two mixed media pieces.

Dh. Viriyalila will be displaying a devotional image created specifically for this exhibit

The exhibition will be on display from July 3 – August 31. It will be open for public viewing weekdays, 10 am – 3 pm July 5-19; July 26 – Aug 4.


The Generosity Kula
invites everyone – each time time they come to Aryaloka – to bring one item for our collection boxes in the entryway. We are collecting non-perishable food items, personal care/cleaning products, or warm clothing items. Your generosity makes such a difference in many people’s lives! We thank you for your past donations and encourage you to continue. With gratitude, the Generosity Kula.