Festivals are an important aspect of Buddhist tradition. These days are important for members of the Triratna Buddhist Community to gather for collective practice, to express devotion and gratitude for the three jewels (triratna) of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Events are also held to commemorate the Buddha's final passing away (parinirvana) and to celebrate the great teacher Padmasambhava.

Upcoming Festivals:

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Parinirvana Day

Event Dates: Sunday February 15, 2015


One of the great – and difficult – truths of existence is that of impermanence. All conditioned things are impermanent and what has come into existence will change and one day will cease to exist. Death is one of the things about life that we can depend on. Even the Buddha, enlightened and in complete harmony with Reality, died.

On Parinirvana Day we will gather to embrace this truth and to celebrate the Buddha’s gift of truth with readings from the Parinibbana Sutta, when the Buddha died and entered into parinibbana, beyond both existence and non-existence. We will also celebrate the lives of people we know who have died, sharing stories of our own loved ones.


New Year’s Eve Bell Ringing

Event Dates: Wednesday December 31, 2014 – Thursday January 1, 2015

meditation-big-bell_300px_squareIf you’re looking for a different way to celebrate the new year on the last night of December, we hope you’ll consider ringing in 2015 at Aryaloka Buddhist Center. We will be hosting a special New Year’s Eve bell-ringing event in our shrine room starring our beautiful big gong which is brought out on special occasions.

All are most welcome to join us in the lounge at 10:45 p.m. on December 31 for tea and conversation. Then we’ll go upstairs to the shrine room and meditate until midnight. As the clock strikes midnight, the big gong will be rung 108 times to welcome in the new year.

After the last echo dies away, you are welcome to stay on for refreshments. May 2015 bring happiness to all beings!