Aryaloka continually offers classes and retreats geared towards the beginning Buddhist or for those who would like to see what it's all about. The Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism series and day workshops will get your feet wet. Another great place to start is to attend one of our Tuesday night Sangha Nights, where you'll meet our sangha (Aryaloka's community of beginning and experienced practitioners). Sangha Nights also include meditation and discussion for all levels.

Upcoming Introductory Programs:

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Tuesday Friends’ Night: Spring Series

Event Dates: Tuesday Evenings, April 14th – June 2nd

buddha-rupa3_300px_squareFriends Nights at Aryaloka are from 6:45-9:00 p.m., when we gather to meditate and explore aspectts of Buddhism through workshops, talks, study, ritual, or discussion. The emphasis is on practical application of Buddhist principles in our own lives. Although there is no fee for this event, donations are appreciated.

The 40-minute silent meditation in the main shrine room is typically not guided. (If you prefer to have prior instruction, see the Programs section for more information on introductory classes.)

An option for a guided meditation is offered in the library, after which, you can join the rest of the group for the second half of the evening.

Study & Discussion Groups – Spring Series:
(continues for eight weeks – April 14, 2015 to June 2, 2015)

Introduction to Buddhism – The Noble Eight fold path- Led by Arjava

If you’re new to Buddhism, or just want to take some time to review the basics, join Arjava on a journey through the fundamentals. We will explore many topics, including “What is Buddhism?”, The Buddha, Buddhist ethics, meditation, wisdom & enlightenment, devotional practice, and the history of Buddhism.

Awakening Joy – Led by Akashavanda

This discussion group based on the Book “Awakening Joy, 10 Steps to Happiness” by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander.   Our discussion group will guide you on a journey to embrace happiness and well-being,  and chart a path to an enriching and meaningful engagement with life.

Ritual & Devotion – Led by Amala

We’ll look at some traditional forms of Buddhist ritual and devotion, including the Sevenfold Puja, its origins and meanings. We will practice some chanting and recitation of verses and puja. We will also explore other forms of devotion and ritual, including learning some of the ‘mudra’ or hand gestures. Other topics will come up along the way, such as what are practicing devotion to? and why we need ritual as part of our practice.

Typically, our Tuesday night activities include:

• 6:45 – Tea and announcements

• 7:00 – Meditation and shrine room activity

• 8:00 – Study, discussion, or talk on the evening’s topic

• 9:15 – End

With all of the activities, you are free to participate or to just sit and listen – nothing is compulsory. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Led by: Arjava, Amala and Akashavanda
Times: 6:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Suggested donation $10
Level: Open to All
Directions: Directions Page
The Generosity Kula invites everyone – each time time they come to Aryaloka – to bring one item for our collection boxes in the entryway. We are collecting non-perishable food items, personal care/cleaning products, or warm clothing items. Your generosity makes such a difference in many people’s lives! We thank you for your past donations and encourage you to continue. With gratitude, the Generosity Kula.

Introduction to Meditation Course

Event Dates: 4 Consecutive Wednesdays, May 6th – May 27th 10am -12pm

PaintingThis four-week course provides a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of sitting meditation practice. During the course, two different meditation practices will be taught: the Mindfulness of Breathing and Meditation on Loving Kindness. These are traditional Buddhist meditation techniques dating back to the time of the Buddha, although one does not need to be a Buddhist or have Buddhist beliefs to practice them.

Attention will be given to the benefits of meditation, meditation posture, and working with difficulties in meditation. There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers. This course is suitable for complete newcomers to meditation practice as well as those who have meditated previously but would like a refresher.

Led by: Dh. Bodhana
Times: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Sliding Scale $65/55/45
Level: Open to All
Directions: Directions Page

* At Aryaloka, we strive to make our programs available to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. Our fee structure allows you to pay according to your means. The Sustaining price is for people comfortably paying their rent or mortgage, and who can afford the occasional meal out and movie. The Sustaining price level also helps Aryaloka offer lower prices to those who could otherwise not afford to attend. Any payment above this price is a tax-deductible donation. Mid-Level prices are for those who have a regular income and are paying their mortgage or rent. Prices at this level contribute to the range of Aryaloka’s operating costs. The Base-Level price is for those without an income or with an income low enough that making ends meet is a challenge. Those whose circumstances are not included above can call the office to arrange alternate pricing.* Retreat participants are asked to work together to prepare and clean up after meals and to help with general cleanup at the end of the retreat.

Children’s Sangha

Event Date: Sunday, June 14th

Young SanghaThese classes offer a simple introduction to Buddha’s teachings by emphasizing kindness and respect for others. Our first hour is for children ages up to 9. In each class there is a short talk, gentle meditation, and an arts and crafts activity related to a Buddhist theme. Older children are encouraged to come and help with the arts and crafts program. Parents must remain on premises and parents of very young children are asked to stay with their child to assist them if needed. The second hour is for ages 10 to 17. During this hour we will have gentle meditation and discussion on topics relevant to teens and how to live the practices in our lives.

Please sign up on line and call or email the office to let us know the age and number of children attending.