2016 Pledge Drive

Aryaloka’s mission is to create the best possible conditions for people to explore, practice and share the Buddhist spiritual path for the benefit of all beings.

Please support our community for the benefit of all

We’re ALL IN for Aryaloka! Everyone’s participation is important to nourish and replenish our well-loved, well-used (but aging) Aryaloka.

This year each new pledge dollar is doubled!

Several sangha members have offered to match each new pledge dollar up to $5,000! This doubles every new pledge, and doubles every pledge increase over last year. Please help us take advantage of their generosity by making or increasing your pledge to Aryaloka.

The annual appeal is a vital funding source for Aryaloka. Monthly pledges provide the bedrock of certainty to our monthly income, and enables us to better plan and dedicate the resources towards teaching and spreading the Dharma throughout the region.

As we look ahead to the possibilities that the coming year holds, can we count on your support to grow and prosper? Our programs, classes and retreats don’t cover our costs, and that’s why pledges from people like you are so very important.

If you’re already pledging, sadhu! We are grateful, and appreciate your dana.


If you’ve not yet pledged, will you join us?

Adjusted Annual IncomeSuggested % of incomeMonthly PaymentAnnual PaymentSuggested % of incomeMonthly PaymentAnnual PaymentSuggested % of incomeMonthly PaymentAnnual Payment
$10,000 1%$10$1003%$25$30010%$80$1,000
$25,000 1%$20$2503%$60$75010%$200$2,500
$35,000 1%$30$3503%$90$1,050 10%$300$3,500
$50,000 1%$40$5003%$125$1,500 10%$400$5,000
$75,000 2%$125$1,500 4%$250$3,000 10%$625$7,500
$100,000 2%$165$2,000 4%$300$4,000 10%$850$10,000
$150,000 2%$250$3,000 4%$500$6,000 10%$1,250 $15,000
$200,000 2%$300$4,000 4%$6508,00010%$1,650 20,000
$300,000 3%$750$9,000 5%$1,250 15,00010%$2,500 30,000
$400,000 3%$1,000 12,0005%$1,650 20,00010%$3,000 40,000
$500,000 3%$1,250 15,0005%$2,000 25,00010%$4,000 $50,000

How to Make a Pledge

With your pledge, you can keep the wheel of the Dharma turning!  By contributing during our Pledge Drive, you are supporting our work, and our Center, in a tangible and much-appreciated way.

Pledge Online:

Online pledges using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or PayPal account can be made through PayPal by clicking the button below.

Choose Your Monthly Pledge:


Pledge Offline by Credit Card or Bank Payment:

If you don’t want to pledge online, or would like to pledge a different amount, you can set up a pledge offline too. You can ask your bank to send us a payment each month, pay by check each month, or authorize Aryaloka to charge your card each month.  You can even make one large payment to cover the whole year’s pledge if that’s what you’d prefer.

Please contact the Aryaloka office to make arrangements by calling 603-659-5456 or emailing info@aryaloka.org. Or you can download this year’s pledge drive form here: 2016 Pledge Form, fill it out and mail it to Aryaloka. Pledge forms should be returned to the Aryaloka office by June 30.


We accept the following through the Aryaloka office:

Aryaloka Buddhist Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for your generosity!