Event Dates: Tuesdays, 6:45 – 9:15

buddha-rupa3_300px_squareFriends Nights at Aryaloka are weekly gatherings where we join to meditate and explore aspects of Buddhism through workshops, talks, study, ritual, or discussion. The emphasis is on practical application of Buddhist principles in our own lives. Although there is no fee for this event, donations are appreciated.

The 40-minute silent meditation in the main shrine room is typically not guided. (If you prefer to have prior instruction, see the Programs section for more information on introductory classes.)

An option for a guided meditation is offered in the library, after which, you can join the rest of the group for the second half of the evening.

Study Topic, starting June 12

Finding Abundance in our Worlds.

Using Hakuin’s “Song of Meditation” as an opening verse and foundational point of reference, we will explore the Seven Factors of Awakening, Mindfulness, Investigation of Mental events, Energy/ integration, Joy, Calm, Concentration and Equanimity as balanced mind , using music, poetry and discussion

These 7 qualities follow in parallel with the Anapanasati practice and can be viewed or seen as a single practice mediation as well as a progressive ‘spiral’ of abundance in our everyday worlds..

Each week we will explore one of the factors and have ‘homework’ to carry us through the week.

A learning space will be emphasized based on Parker Palmer’s book “The Courage to Teach’ allowing space for the individual and collective wisdom to arise.


week 1) Introductions, mindfulness                                  Homework: Attending our mindfulness

week 2) investigation of mind                                                           observing the mind

week 3) energy and effort                                                                  observing energy/effort

week 4) looking for joy                                                                       where do we find joy

week 5) calm, tranquility                                                                   when/ where do we find calm

week 6) samadhi as clear awareness

week 7) equanimity

week 8) recap and graduation party……

Through out this class we will be comparing and exploring how the seven factors of awakening can help develop an attitude of appreciation and abundance and counter the mental states of Lack and Poverty of Mind.

Tuesday night activities include:

• 6:45 – Tea and announcements

• 7:00 – Meditation and shrine room activity

• 8:00 – Study, discussion, or talk on the evening’s topic

• 9:15 – End

With all of the activities, you are free to participate or to just sit and listen – nothing is compulsory. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Led by: Tuesday Friends Night Team
Times: Tuesdays, 6:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Donations Appreciated
Level: Open to All
Directions: Directions Page
Aryaloka has collection boxes in the entryway for local charities. Aryaloka is currently collecting for the Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth. Safe Harbor provides support and resources for anyone affected by alcohol and drug addiction. Safe Harbor needs cleaning products, office supplies, and personal care items. We are also collecting non-perishable food for the Newmarket Food Pantry. Please feel free to bring a donation for these charities when you arrive. Your generosity makes such a difference in many people’s lives! We thank you for your past donations and encourage you to continue. With gratitude, the Generosity Kula.