Vajra Bell

The Vajra Bell is an online publication featuring articles on the teachings and practices of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community. In each issue you will find insightful articles on Buddhist topics, updates from many of our Triratna Buddhist Centers in North America, reviews of Buddhist books and other media, poetry and artwork created by Sangha members.

So, what does Vajra Bell mean? Vajra means thunderbolt or diamond, that which cuts through all obstacles to Enlightenment. The vajra is the symbol of a union of opposites, the ultimate expression of wisdom and compassion. A vajra bell rings out far and wide the melody of transcendental reality. As a magazine, the Vajra Bell is a rich and rewarding read that brings our Sangha together in common spiritual practice.

Each issue is available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or can be viewed online at Aryaloka Buddhist Center or The Buddhist Centre online

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Vajra Bell Archive:

Vajra Bell: Fall/Winter 2020

The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of the Vajra Bell is online! Climate Crisis: ‘It’s really happening’

  • Some highlights of this issue on climate change include:
  • Anālayo: Grounding Our Activism in Ethics and Compassion
    by Satyada
  • 20 Suggestions for ‘Dealing with Overwhelm’
    by Vessantara
  • Eco-Anxiety: Saying Goodbye to the Earth
    by Gunopeta
  • The Earth is My Witness
    by Aryadrishti

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Vajra Bell: Fall 2019

Community, Practice, Ritual and Creativity

A close look at what’s happening at three US sanghas: Aryaloka, San Francisco and Rocky Mountain Buddhist centers

  • ‘Cultivating the Riches of Less’ by Saddhavasini
  • ‘Unearthing the Buddha’ at Aryaloka by Suddhayu
  • 5 Buddha Mandala to Protect and Celebrate Dharmadhara by Danamaya
  • Drop the Story: Turn attention away from resisting pain
  • Acting as if: Training to be of benefit to others
  • Sangha Connections in US and Canada
  • In Love with the World: One Monk’s Journey
  • A Whole New View of Meditation Practices
  • Book Reviews

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Vajra Bell: Fall 2018

Vajra Bell Fall 2018Generosity: At the Heart of a Spiritual Life

Three order members and our North American sanghas explore dana (generosity) as a spiritual practice

  • Practicing Generosity Until It’s as Natural as Breathing
  • Dana: The First Step of the Spiritual Life
  • Is Money a Placeholder for Love in our Lives
  • Books: The Buddha on Wall Street and Yasodhara
  • Wild Awake: Alone, Offline & Awake in Nature
  • Sangha Connections: An Interview with Amritamati
  • I Have a Thinking Problem

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Vajra Bell: Autumn/Winter 2017-2018

  • From the Editor: Facing our Shadows of the Past, by Mary Schaefer
  • Create Beauty from our Collective Chaos, by Singhashri
  • Restorative Approach: A ‘Practice’ to Address Issues of the Past and the Future, by Jnanasiddhi
  • Sangha Notes, by Sangha Notes Contributors
  • Sangha Connections: Interview with Vajramati, by Bettye Pruitt
  • Aryaloka Hosts Order Convention for US and Canada, by Samayasri
  • Children’s Sangha: Developing Mindfulness and Gratitude, by Alisha Roberts
  • Dr. Ambedkar’s Children: Bending Toward Justice, by David Watt
  • Art, Meditation and Mindfulness – Connecting us to our Lives, by Deb Howard

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Practicing Loving Kindness as an Humanitarian: “It is Truly Not About Me,” by Dh. Samayasri

Originally published in vajrabell Spring/Summer 2017 (c) 2017 Aryaloka Buddhist Center

“I may be bustling to a meeting in New York with Facebook or HBO and it all may seem very modern and cosmopolitan, but the core of the work is making a difference to refugees or people caught up in war or famine, in war zones or camps, or in relative safety but struggling with xenophobia that has strengthened in many parts of the world including the United States. It is truly not about me.”

It seems appropriate – although not straightforward – to be writing about the subject of loving kindness in the context of my work. Of course, it is deeply appropriate, because the sector I work for embodies human altruism. Most organizations like mine – the International Rescue Committee – have profound roots in the same human desire to meet the suffering of others or deal with the degradation of the planet with moral conviction, generosity and a determination to change.

Enormous progress has been made on issues such as disease eradication, human rights, hunger alleviation, universal education and safety for refugees thanks to remarkable people who – like many Dharma followers – surrender their adult lives to service, often at the risk of their own lives and by foregoing normal human comforts like a family life or a settled home. It has been my privilege over the years to work with many remarkable people like this, including some who died prematurely as a result of their duties. (more…)

Vajra Bell – Spring/Summer 2017

   In this issue

  • Waking up in Times of Stress
  • Practicing Loving Kindness as an Humanitarian
  • Pilgrimage to India
  • Triratna Celebrates 50 Years: ‘Working it Out as We Go,’
  • Interview with Dh. Viriyagita
  • Channeling Cassandra: Aryaloka Depends On Your Support
  • Generosity is an “Act of True Freedom”
  • Board of Directors Notes
  • Sangha notes from Portsmouth, Nagaloka, Concord, San Francisco, Missoula, and NYC sanghas

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Vajra Bell – Winter 2017

Winter 2017 coverIn this issue:

  • Living Your Practice: Lifting Us to Something Higher
  • The Power of Positive Action
  • Buddhism and Kindness from Friends Helps Transition to Freedom
  • Sangha Connections: Interview with Nagabodhi
  • Mythic Perspectives: The Buddha in the Dark
  • Buddhaworks Notes
  • Board of Directors Notes
  • Sangha notes from Portsmouth, Nagaloka, Concord, San Francisco, Missoula, and NYC sanghas



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Vajra Bell – Fall 2016

web_vb_fall-1In this issue:

  • The Path of Practice: A Comprehensive Approach to Spiritual Development
  • Arts at Aryaloka – The Stitchfold Path
  • Arts Study Group – Zen and Creativity
  • “Some Divinity Shaping Our Ends”, by Dh. Maitreyabandhu
  • “The Dance of Dharma” by Dh. Lilasiddhi
  • Aryaloka Stupa in Need of Support
  • Sangha notes from Aryaloka, Portsmouth, Nagaloka, Concord, Berlin, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Montana
  • Poetry Corner
  • Board and Council notes
  • Sangha Connections

Vajra Bell – Summer 2016

In this issue:

  • Arts at Aryaloka; Kavyadrishti’s poetry
  • The Path of Practice “Where Love Meets Wisdom”, by Dh. Kamalashila
  • The Path of Practice: “Developing Happiness and Wisdom”, by Dh. Amala
  • “Pilgrimage to Kyoto”, by Neil Harvey
  • Sangha Connections, Bettye Pruitt interviews Dh. Narottama
  • What’s new in Buddhaworks, the Aryaloka bookstore, by Dh. Shantikirika
  • Sangha notes from Aryaloka, Missoula, MT, Vancouver, BC, San Francisco, New York City, Portsmouth, NH, Concord, NH

Vajra Bell – Spring 2016

VajraBell_2016_springIn this issue:

  • “The Triratna Path of Practice” by Dh. Surakshita
  • “Developing Peace: A Natural Starting Point on the Spiritual Path” by Dh. Vidhuma
  • Sanghacare: The Bodhisattva Ideal in Practice
  • Sangha Notes from Aryaloka, Concord, Nagaloka, San Francisco, Montana, and Vancouver
  • “A Gift that can Lead to Freedom” by Mitra Dan
  • Book Review: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming by Scott Hurley
  • Arts and the Dharma: Exploring Art, Poetry, Music & Movement as Part of One’s Spiritual Practice
  • “Losing Self: Exploring the Connection Between Art and Meditation” by Dh. Kiranada
  • “Music, Meditation and the Nature of Existence” by Dh. Sravaniya
  • Buddhaworks: What’s new in the Aryaloka Bookstore?
  • “Images: Indulge in the Arts” by Dh. Kavyadrishti
  • “Movement is Life: Practicing in a Living Body” by Sita Mani

Vajra Bell – Autumn 2015

cover_postIn this issue:

  • “Lovingkindness Squared: Cultivating Self-Compassion” by Dh. Bodhipaksa
  • “Metta: A Gateway to Self-Compassion and Insight” by Dh. Vimalasara
  • “The Practice of Self-Compassion” by Dh. Varada
  • Sangha Notes from Boston, Nagaloka, San Francisco, Montana, and NYC
  • “A Life Lesson from Behind Prison Walls” by Susan DePietro
  • “Compassionate Presence” Retreat Review by Mike Mappes
  • Upcoming Retreats, Workshops and Series at Aryaloka
  • Art from a Year of Silence Exhibit – New Work from Dh. Kiranada
  • Poems of Autumn – Sangharakshita, Ryokan, Ikkyu, and Basho
  • Buddhaworks: What’s new in the Aryaloka Bookstore?
  • A Thank You for Food Pantry Contributions
  • Updates from the Spiritual Vitality Council & Board of Directors

Vajra Bell – Spring 2015

Vajra_Bell_Spring2015_coversmIn this issue:

  • Meeting Bhante: Connecting with Our Teacher and Founder Sangharakshita
  • Sangha Notes from Aryaloka, Nagaloka, San Francisco, Montana, NYC and Concord
  • “Seeking Beauty: A Gateway to Freedom” by Narottama
  • “Purification of a Stupa – Visit and Dedication with Dhardo Tulku Rinpoche” by Barry Timmerman
  • “Reflections on the Ninth Precept” by Tom Gaillard
  • Join the Upcoming Delegation to India
  • Poetry from Sangharakshita and Candradasa
  • The Opening of the Sangharakshita Library
  • Reviews of Nordic Nirvana & Outlying Sangha Retreats
  • Appreciating the Generosity of Volunteers

Vajra Bell – Winter 2015

Vajra_Bell_Winter2015_imageIn this issue:

  • Adhisthana: A New Home for the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community
  • Sangha Notes from Aryaloka, Nagaloka, Portsmouth, Montana, Portsmouth, NYC and Concord
  • Stupa-fied: Inspiration Arises from Sacred Space
  • Aryaloka Welcomes Four New Women as Mitras
  • Reflecting on an Introduction to Noble Silence Retreat
  • Online Insight: The Buddhist Centre Online
  • Poetry from Dh. Kavyadrishti
  • The Dalai Lama, Live in Boston
  • An Enchanted Evening at November Arts Night
  • Upcoming events at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, retreat and class previews

Vajra Bell -Autumn 2014

Vajra_Bell_Autumn2014_coverIn this issue:

  • Cultivating Right Livelihood: Vajra Bell asks sangha members to weigh in on how they practice skillful work
  • Updates from the new Board of Directors and Spiritual Vitality Council
  • Introducing Vajra Bell’s new Co-Editors
  • Welcoming the Northeast’s Newest Order Member
  • Sangha Notes from Aryaloka, Portsmouth & Nagaloka
  • Working for Indian Buddhism – by Viradhamma
  • How Music Can Inform Buddhist Spirituality – by Sravaniya
  • Poetry from Jo Ann Beltre
  • Review of Dharma Seed Online
  • Upcoming Events at Aryaloka Buddhist Center

Vajra Bell – Winter 2014

Vajra Bell Winter 2014In this issue:

  • “Karma: Round and Round We Go, Where it Stops, the Buddha Knows” by Amala
  • “Impermanence with Appreciation” by Narottama
  • “The Stupa: A Most Auspicious Project”
  • Update from the Generosity Kula
  • A Look Back at the Pledge Drive
  • Upcoming Events
  • “Reflections on Greed, Hatred, and Delusion” by Scott Hurley
  • Arts at Aryaloka
  • Dharma Via Video, Highlighting ClearVision
  • New in the Bookstore
  • Film Review of “Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche”

Vajra Bell – Autumn 2013

Vajra Bell - Autumn 2013In this issue:

  • “What Does Going for Refuge Mean to You?” – Vajra Bell asks sangha members to discuss their relationship with the Three Jewels
  • “Sadhana Practice in the Triratna Order” – by Kavyadrishti
  • Updates from North American Triratna Buddhist Centers
  • Upcoming Retreats and Classes at Aryaloka and beyond
  • “The Light of the Buddha Behind Bars” – Report from the Concord Prison Sangha by Khemavassika
  • Pledge Drive to Begin in Autumn
  • A New Generosity Kula Forms to Perform Outreach
  • “Unknow Yourself and Surrender to Diversity” by Vimalasara
  • Arts at Aryaloka: Exhibit by Neil Harvey, New Drawing Group, Arts Evening
  • Movie Review: “Groundhog Day and Samsara” by Jaime Grady

Vajra Bell – Summer 2013

Vajra Bell - Summer 2013In this issue:

  • “Buddhist Roots in the Wild West: The History of Triratna in America” by Dh. Viriyalila
  • “Sustaining Faith on the Spiral Path” by Barry Timmerman
  • Dhardo Tulku Rinpoche Visits Aryaloka – recap and background from Dh. Viriyagita
  • Upcoming retreats at Aryaloka
  • “A Pilgrimage to Japan: An Artist’s Tour for Buddhists, a Buddhist Tour for Artists” by Lois Sans
  • Reflections on a recent men’s community retreat
  • Aryaloka arts: exhibits by textile artist Dh. Ashokashri and reknowned local painter Neil Harvey
  • Two Poems from Dh. Kavyadrishti
  • Online Insight: Online Reading Apps as Skillful Means
  • Movie Review: “A Thousand Words”
  • Meditation Marathon results

Vajra Bell – Spring 2013

Vajra Bell - Spring 2013In this issue:

  • What Does “Engaged Buddhism” Mean to You?
  • Sangha updates from the U.S. and Canada
  • Meditation Marathon fundraising event kicks off in June
  • Upcoming retreats at Aryaloka
  • Reflections on Nonviolent Communication
  • Men’s Retreat Planned
  • “Being Prepared for Teaching” by Narottama
  • Starting Out as a Vegetarian
  • Arts events & sangha poetry
  • Movie Review: “The U.S. vs. John Lennon
  • Going on Retreat
  • Online Insight: The Buddhist Centre Online
  • “Teaching the Teacher” by Barry Timmerman

Vajra Bell – Winter 2013

Vajra Bell - Winter 2013In this issue:

  • Embracing Myth & Imagination: A recovering Catholic learns to trust intuition, imagination, and Buddhas in all colors
  • Aryaloka Council December meeting and Year in Review
  • Sangha updates from Aryaloka, Nagaloka, Portsmouth, and Vancouver
  • Movie Review: Children of the Pyre
  • Buddhism and the Environmental Movement: How two efforts – inner and outer – to benefit all beings could benefit each other
  • Three perspectives on the first Pan-American Womens’ GFR Retreat
  • 20 Good Reasons to Attend the “Exploring the Joy of Mindfulness” retreat
  • Arts Evening and other upcoming contemplative arts events
  • Heather Maloney Concert at Aryaloka rescheduled
  • Poetry from Vihanasari

Vajra Bell – Autumn 2012

Vajra Bell - Autumn 2012In this issue:

  • Reinventing the Wheel – Bodhipaksa offers an alternate reading of the 12 nidanas
  • Four new Order members return from Akashavanda in Spain
  • Meditation Marathon a Stunning Success
  • Yoga at Aryaloka – Upcoming retreats and regular classes
  • Boston sangha moves to a new building, starts classes
  • Living with Commitment: Cultivating Sustainability at EcoDharma Retreat Center
  • Being Present with What’s On Our Plates – Megrette Fletcher on mindful eating
  • Arts Evening and new exhibit – “Earth, Fire, Water”
  • Heather Maloney Concert at Aryaloka
  • Viradhamma Reports from the Buddhist Geeks Conference
  • Two Perspectives on a Pre-ordination retreat

Vajra Bell – Summer 2012

Vajra Bell - Summer 2012In this issue:

  • A System of Practice: In-Depth Interview with Dhammarati on the Five Great Stages of the Spiritual Path
  • Inaugural 2012 Aryaloka Meditation Marathon Kicks Off in August and is Looking for Meditators
  • Bodhilocana’s Dream: An Update on the Dhardo Rinpoche Stupa Project
  • Sangha Notes from home as well as Missoula and Vancouver
  • Upcoming Men’s Practice Days, Retreats, and Workshops
  • Order Members Review their Favorite Books by Sangharakshita
  • Arts Events Past and Future, and a Tour of Japan Planned
  • A Reflection on Friendship from Concord Prison Sangha Member

Vajra Bell – Winter 2012

Vajra Bell - Winter 2012In this issue:

  • “Getting Unblocked: Working with the Five Hindrances in Meditation” by Saddhamala
  • Reflections on 2011 from the Aryaloka Buddhist Center Council
  • “Releasing the Butterfly: Living with Impermanence” by Ashley Davis Bush
  • Movie Review: “Travelers and Musicians,” by Daniel Bush
  • Tom Gaillard shows that the year’s finances end on a positive note
  • Online Insight: The Best Buddhist Blogs
  • New additions at Buddhaworks, the Aryaloka bookstore
  • Men’s sangha spends a day with Asian culture at the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Upcoming arts events at Aryaloka
  • Sheila Groonell writes about the fun of contemplative movement
  • Poetry from our sangha members

Vajra Bell – Autumn 2011

Vajra Bell - October 2011In this issue:

  • Karunasara explains the Formless Dhyanas
  • The Triratna Community celebrates the opening of the Portsmouth Buddhist Center
  • Tom Gaillard talks about the upcoming Aryaloka Annual Pledge Drive, and how you can help support our center
  • Movie Review: “Kundun,” by Daniel Bush
  • A look back at the Tibetan monks’ visit with Elizabeth Hellard
  • Preliminary results from the recent Aryaloka survey, and how it may inspire changes in communication
  • Vajra Bell connects well with last issue, and surprises in its worldwide reach
  • Spotlight: An Interview with Order member Viriyagita
  • “Death May Be Hazardous to Your Self-View” – a touching piece by Prasannavajri
  • “Bodhilocana’s Dream” – Dhardo Rinpoche stupa goes from vision to reality
  • “Photography as Spiritual Practice” exhibit to open at Aryaloka

Vajra Bell – Summer 2011

Vajra Bell - Summer 2011In this issue:

  • Continuing on the Noble Eightfold Path with “Right Concentration: Learning to Cultivate the Four Jhanas”
  • Sangha Notes Including News from the New York Sangha and Concord Sangha
  • “Sports and the Spiritual Life” – Stephen Sloan reflects on discussion with Sangharakshita to reconcile two passions
  • Movie Review: “Great Souls: Mother Teresa”
  • Aryaloka Center to host Tibetan Monks’ Tour this coming August
  • Report from the Aryaloka Council on many changes, and how you can help be a part of the center’s future
  • Contemplative Arts at Aryaloka – Flowing ink, poetry, music, and movement are all parts of an active arts program
  • “Dhammapada: A Little Book with Big Lessons” by Mary Schaefer
  • “Erasing the Lines” – Richard Cormier examines the lines we do not cross

Vajra Bell – April 2011

In this issue:Vajra Bell - April 2011

  • Continuing on the Noble Eightfold Path with “Clarity, Care, Continuity, and Categorization: The Multi-Faceted Practice of Right Mindfulness”
  • Sangha Notes Including News from the New York Sangha by Steve Bell
  • “The Five Levels of Dana Practice” – Exploring the Nature of Giving with Marcus Netherton
  • Movie Review: “Departures”
  • Aryaloka Center and Sangha Featured on N.H. Chronicle
  • “A Simple Cure for What Ails Me” – Reflections on Dukkha from Mary Schaefer
  • Contemplative Arts at Aryaloka and Upcoming Cultural Events
  • Two Articles on “Fixing” Samsara by Prasannavajri and Viriyagita
  • Sangha Poetry Written on the Mindfulness and Poem-Making Retreat

Vajra Bell – January 2011

In this issue:Vajra Bell - January 2011

  • Right Effort: Every Day Evolution – by Amala
  • Boston Triratna Sangha moves to new space and a look at the decision-making process by Sunada
  • “Is That Stillness I Hear?” Reflections on Noble Silence from Mary Schaefer
  • Movie Review: “Wheel of Time” – by Dan Bush
  • Mindfulness and Poem-Making, and more Arts at Aryaloka news
  • Recap of the Diamond Sutra Men’s Mitra/Order Retreat by Stephen Sloan
  • “An Elevator Ride with Bodhipaksa” Musings from the author of “Living as a River”

Vajra Bell – October 2010

In this issue:Vajra Bell - October 2010

  • Four perspectives on Right Livelihood from sangha members
  • Recap of events, talks and photos from Aryaloka’s 25th Anniversary celebration
  • Ordination of Bodhilocana
  • “From Couch to Cushion” by Nancy Strout Porter
  • Arts at Aryaloka presents showing of “Images of Buddhist Asia” – the photography of Don Gurewitz
  • Review of the men’s and women’s Going for Refuge retreats from experienced and new attendees
  • Sangha hike at Mt. Monadnock – Exploring mindfulness on the mountain
  • Movie Review: “Unmistaken Child” by Dan Bush

Vajra Bell – July 2010

In this issue:

  • Looking at Ways We Can Make Ethical Decisions – Perfection of Action by Dh. Karunasara
  • Musings on Travel from Free Buddhist Audio by Dh. Viriyalila
  • Movie Review “The Buddha” by Dan Bush
  • DO and DON’T: Right Action and the Noble Eightfold Path by Dh. Amala
  • Setting the Stage for Aryaloka’s 25th Anniversary by Shir Haberman
  • Sangha Celebrates Name Change at Wesak by Dan Bush
  • Young Sangha Introduces Kids to the Dharma by Denise Connors

Vajra Bell – April 2010

In this issue:Vajra Bell - April 2010

  • Right Speech: Finding Wisdom by Watching Our Words by Stephen Sloan
  • A Spontaneous Kind of Magic by Dh. Sunada
  • Compassionate Communication by Shantigarbha
  • Movie Review: “Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion” by Eric Wentworth
  • Indian Order Member Kumarjeev Visits Aryaloka by Narottama
  • Vertical Awareness: Overcoming Doubt in Climbing Meditation by Peter Ingraham
  • Inner Discovery at Noble Silence Retreat by Narottama

Vajra Bell – January 2010

In this issue:Vajra Bell - January 2010

  • Perfecting Emotion by Surakshita
  • Perfect Vision Through the Brahma Viharas by Samayadevi
  • “Faces of Buddha,”Arts Evening, Showcase Creativity by Kiranada
  • Reflections on the Women’s GFR Retreat by Jean Corson
  • Becoming Ordained – One Year Later by Prasannavajri
  • Discovering the Ritual in Spiritual by Viriyalila
  • Two Stories of Solitary Retreat by Amala
  • Solitary Living by Narottama

Vajra Bell – October 2009

In this issue:Vajra Bell - October 2009

  • Amitabha and Reality by Saddhamala
  • Sharing Life Stories with My Mitra Sisters by Ashley Bush
  • What Happened A Year Ago? I Was Be-Side Myself… by Prasannavajri
  • Arts at Aryaloka Presents “Faces of Buddha” by Kiranada
  • Reflections on the Men’s GFR Retreat by Eric Wentworth
  • The Cetokhila Sutta and the Wildernesses of the Heart by Vidhuma
  • 12-Step Recovery and Buddhism by Barry S. Timmerman

Vajra Bell – July 2009

In this issue:Vajra Bell - July 2009

  • The Transcendent Buddha by Stephen Sloan
  • Goffstown Women’s Prison Begins Building Sangha by Samayadevi
  • Travelling India: Pilgrimage and Connection in the Buddhist Homeland by Dharmasuri
  • Movie Review: Life of Buddha by Eric Wentworth
  • A Day with the Dalai Lama by Eric Wentworth
  • Creating a Culture of Enquiry by Dhammaloka
  • Daily Life with Full Attention: Int’l Urban Retreat Engages Local Sanghas by Sunada, Dharmasuri, and Amala

Vajra Bell – April 2009

In this issue:Vajra Bell - April 2009

  • Center of the Buddha Mandala by Samayadevi
  • Movie Review: Tibetan Book of the Dead by Stephen Sloan
  • Practice Around the Globe: International Urban Retreat by Amala
  • The Unknown Story of the Burning Monk by Devamitra
  • Talking Quang Duc and Community with Devamitra, interview by Eric Wentworth
  • Mandala Pledge Drive is Happening Now! by Prasannavajri

Vajra Bell – January 2009

In this issue:Vajra Bell - January 2009

  • Introducting Amogasiddhi by Vidhuma
  • Green Tara: She Who Saves by Karunadevi
  • Remembering Punya, A Deeply Loved Friend by Buddhapalita
  • What Does Buddhism Say About Death and Rebirth? by Karunasara
  • Going Forth: Four Stories of Ordination
  • Annual October Auction at Aryakola by Elizabeth Hellard

Vajra Bell – October 2008

In this issue:Vajra Bell - October 2008

  • A Vision of Amitabha by Saddhamala
  • Pandaravasini, wise consort of Amitabha by Viriyagita
  • Movie Review: “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” by Eric Wentworth
  • San Francisco Hosts North American Order Convention by Suvarnaprabha
  • Self-View and the Tibetan Monks by Stephen Sloan
  • Festival of Celebration and Gratitude by Sheila Groonell

Vajra Bell – July 2008

In this issue:Vajra Bell - July 2008

  • Ratnasambhava Teaches Dana by Danamaya
  • Mamaki, Embodiment of Equanimity by Samasuri
  • Hungary for Change by Paramashanti
  • Movie Review of “Wall-E” by Eric Wentworth
  • Book Review of “Hello at Last” by Samayadevi

Vajra Bell – April 2008

In this issue:Vajra Bell - April 2008

  • Akshobya the “unshakeable” by Dharmasuri
  • Locana, the wise consort of Akshobya by Dayalocana
  • India: Nirvana in samsara, samsara in nirvana by Sheila Groonell
  • Family overnight a hit at Aryaloka
  • Living the Dharma by Dr. David Johnson

Vajra Bell – January 2008

In this issue:Vajra Bell - January 2008

  • Four Glimmerings on Wisdom by Candradasa
  • Prajna Awareness Comes through Experience by Vidhuma
  • Thoughts from Akashavana by Samayadevi
  • Supporting Dhamma Work Abroad by Surakshita
  • Vajra Bell Interview with Bodhana

Vajra Bell – September 2007

In this issue:Vajra Bell - September 2007

  • Samadhi, the Fifth Precept by Amala
  • Reflections on the Meaning of Samatha by Vidhuma
  • A Taste of Guhyaloka by Narottama
  • Ordination at Aryaloka
  • Permaculture by Jahnay Pickett [Download Special Insert – Permaculture: What You Can Do]
  • A Letter of Thanks from Bobby

Vajra Bell – June 2007

In this issue:Vajra Bell - June 2007

  • Virya by Marilyn Dyer
  • Virya Lila-Style by Viriyalila
  • Sangha Notes by Sandy Bonin
  • Eco-Buddhism by Denise Connors
  • Mindfulness Retreat with Concord Sangha
  • Pictures from Work Day April 2007
  • Review of Vajra Sky Over Tibet by Betsy Sterling Benjamin

Vajra Bell – March 2007

In this issue:Vajra Bell - March 2007

  • Kshanti by Paramashanti
  • Sangha Notes by Sandy Bonin
  • A Visit from India by Anidaruddha
  • From the Concord Sangha
  • Upcoming Ordinations
  • Stepping up to Change the World by Viriyalila
  • History of the SF Buddhist Center by Karunadevi

Vajra Bell – December 2006

In this issue:Vajra Bell - December 2006

  • Ethics in Action by Karunasara
  • A Sense of Place – Betsy Sterling Benjamin’s Artwork
  • Sila by Sandy Bonin
  • Report from the Council
  • Changes at Wildmind
  • Retreat at NH State Prison
  • Interview with Nagabodhi