What is a Kula?

The word kula means “A community of the heart,” “A group coming together of its own free will,” or “A family.”¬† All of these definitions are good ways to describe the system of kulas at Aryaloka.¬† Here, a kula is a group of volunteers gathered around a common goal.¬† Many volunteers help out at Aryaloka. ¬†Joining a volunteer kula and¬†working as little as one or two hours a month on tasks of your choice is a great way to create friendships, contribute to the greater good, gain a sense of satisfaction, and contribute to Aryaloka.

Kulas at Aryaloka

Currently there are ten kulas active at our center:

  • Buildings kula: maintains and enhances Aryaloka’s buildings
  • Childrens programming kula: plans and carries out programs and activities for children and families
  • Cleaning kula: keeps Aryaloka spruced up
  • Grounds kula: plants flowers, mows the lawn and shovels snow
  • Fundraising kula: plans¬†fundraising events like concerts, movie nights, auctions and dinners
  • Library kula: restacks returned books
  • Shrine kula: maintains the shrine room weekly and for special occasions.
  • Tech support kula: helps with the¬†website, plans long-term tech needs, is available for¬†troubleshooting computer glitches.
  • Vajra Bell kula: creates and distributes Aryaloka’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Recycling kula: collects and moves¬†paper, compost, metals and plastics containers outside for¬†weekly pickup.
  • Arts Kula: takes care of art around the building and arts events.
  • Generosity Kula: establishes volunteering¬†opportunities and events.
  • Furnishing Kula:¬† helps decorate and maintain our buildings furnishings.

If you would like to join one of our kulas, please contact the Aryaloka office.  We look forward to meeting you, sharing activities, and working together.

If you are looking for small, but important, volunteer opportunities, you can view and sign up for them on our Volunteer Spot page:

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot