Engaged Buddhism is an opportunity for us to act on our deepening understanding that we live in a complex, interconnected world, in which all our thoughts, feelings and actions have consequences, for us and for other living things.

Working with metta, we can learn to see through our imagined limits in order to address the sheer heat of the world’s suffering (and our own), meeting it more effectively. And there’s a lot in the world today that urgently needs a metta-ful response: an attentive, skilful, generous response, based in the Buddha’s particular understanding of suffering, its causes, and how to end it. (From The Buddhist Center.)

Engaged Buddhism Kula: Compassion in Action

The Engaged Buddhism Kula aims to bring our Dharma practice off the meditation cushion and into the world. The Engaged Buddhism Kula is active in a variety of ways:

Donation boxes: For the past several years, this kula has collected donations for many different local organizations, such as the Newmarket Food Pantry, A Safe Place, Operation Blessing, and others. Donations can be places in the boxes in the entryway. We have ongoing collections for non-perishable food, pet food, and new and gently used clothing. 

Other activities: The Engaged Byddhism Kula has participated in beach clean ups and serving food at a local pantry and is continuing to expand its reach into other social and environmental justice concerns.

How to join: If you are interested in learning more about the Engaged Buddhism kula, contact the Aryaloka office at infoaryaloka.org.

Kshanti Outreach

Members of the Aryaloka sangha have been leading meditation and Dharma classes at the Concord State Prison for many years. There are currently two weekly classes at the Concord Prison, and quarterly retreats. Kshanti outreach also works with men as they transition out of prison to help make the transition a successful one.

Contact Satyada at satyada@stephensloan.com or Khemavassika at khemavassika@gmail.com for more information about how to get involved. Anyone outside the prison wishing to participate in classes and retreats must be cleared by the Department of Corrections with background check. Kshanti Outreach is looking for volunteers to act as pen pals as well as donations of used Buddhist books and dharma magazines.

Karuna Trust

The Karuna Trust is a Triratna charity that works with local community groups in South Asia to help people live meaningful and dignified lives, and has a particular focus to help the poorest members of the community overcome the effects of gender and caste based discrimination. For more information about Karuna’s work or to make a donation, see their website: http://www.karuna.org/.