Event Dates: May 15-17 (see detailed schedule below)

This is a great opportunity for anyone with a regular meditation practice that would like to go deeper with mindfulness to find a more integrated and pleasurable experience of body awareness.

The Buddha described Satipatthāna or Foundations of Mindfulness as the “direct path for the purification of beings, for the surmounting of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of suffering and discontent, for acquiring the true method, for the realization of Enlightenment.”

In this online retreat, through meditation, reflection and group discussion, we will look at the general method that underlies the Buddha’s four Satipatthāna Contemplations and then apply that method to elements of the Body Contemplation.

The online schedule is as follows (all times EDT):

May 15th (online Zoom session at 10:30-12 and 3:30-5)

Core Satipatthāna

May 16th (online Zoom session at 10:30-12 and 3:30-5)

Mindfulness of Breathing

Mindfulness of Bodily Positions

May 17th (online Zoom session at 10:30-12 and 3:30-5)

Mindfulness of Bodily Activities

Mindfulness of the Composition of the Body (the Four Elements)

For those wanting a fuller schedule of home-practice, we suggest a double-sit (off-line) at 7 AM and 8 AM, and taking time in the afternoon for walking meditation and reflection.

The talks and led meditations will be recorded for the benefit of anyone unable to keep this schedule.

Participants who are able to devote full-time to the retreat over three days would receive substantial benefit, however, anyone who applies themselves to the material regardless of the time available, will find the practice rewarding!

Two recommended commentaries for this retreat are Sangharakshita’s ‘Living With Awareness’ and Analayo’s ‘Sattipatthana – The Direct Path to Realization.’ A text containing selections from these commentaries, along with a translation of the Sutta, will be made available to participants ahead of time.

If you’d prefer not to donate or book through Eventbrite, you can email us at info@aryaloka.org to make other arrangements. If you cannot afford to make a donation, please do contact us anyway and we’ll send the link. We will email the link just prior to the event.

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Led by: Dh Satyada
Times: May 15 to 17
Venue: Online
Fee: By Donation $1-$200 suggested
Level: Experienced
Directions: N/A