Event Dates: March 19th-21st on Zoom

New Life for the Imagination

Meet the new life of Spring with new life for your imagination! We’re pleased to announce a weekend of Arts and Dharma events! Come to however many events that you’d like. All are welcome; by donation.

March 19th, 6:30-8pm EST: Spring Puja 

An evening of meditation, devotion and beauty, evoking the transformative nature of Dharma practice as the Path of Beauty.

Click here to join the puja on Zoom. No need to register.

March 20th, 10am-1pm: Music and Nature — The Sublime Intersection 

Aryaloka is pleased to host another investigation into the workings of music with Sravaniya (Mark Latham), Music Director of the New Hampshire Philharmonic. Sravaniya asks: How do music and nature intersect? What can we learn from this intersection? What can composers’ depictions of nature and inspirations from her, tell us about ourselves; about the world — about Reality itself? About Beauty? Click here for more info and to register.

March 20th, 6:30-8pm: Arts Evening

This evening will feature a few of our community’s artists and will also have an ‘open mic’ component if you’d like to share your own work (visual, poetic, musical or otherwise). More details here.

Click here to join the arts evening on Zoom. No need to register.

March 21st, 10am-1pm: The Heart Sutra and Two American Poets 

In this workshop with Vidhuma, we will explore the relationships between the Heart Sutra, emptiness and fullness, and two American poets: Walt Whitman and Mary Oliver. In the Heart Sutra the emptiness of the five skandhas is “filled with” something. Do you ever wonder what is going on for the Bodhisattva, “Holding to nothing whatever, But dwelling in Prajna wisdom? And how is one “freed of delusive hindrance” and “Rid of the fear bred by it?” The poems and poets will be giving us some idea of what’s happening, and in ways that only poems can communicate. Vidhuma will use the poetry as a means of communicating; the day won’t be an intellectual exercise but a time of immersion in the poetry — of the Sutra and of the poems. Click here for more info and to register.

image detail from Raya on Assignment

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