Event Date/Time: Sept 27, 7pm – Sept 29, 2pm

imasmiṃ sati idaṃ hoti
imass’ uppādā idaṃ uppajjati
imasmiṃ asati idaṃ na hoti
imassa nirodhā idaṃ nirujjhati

This being, that becomes.
From the arising of this, that arises.
This not being, that doesn’t become.
From the ceasing of this, that ceases.

“Wonderful, Lord, marvelous, Lord, is the depth of this causal law and how deep it appears. And yet I reckon it as ever so plain.”

“Say not so. Ananda. say not so! Deep indeed is this causal law, and deep indeed it appears. It is through not knowing, not understanding, not penetrating, that doctrine, that this generation has become entangled like a ball of string, and covered with blight, like munia grass and rushes, unable to overpass the doom of the waste, the woeful way, the downfall. the constant faring on.”

I feel for Ananda. At first sight, the Buddha’s teaching of ‘conditionality’ can seem pretty plain and obvious. And yet, seen in its depths, it’s a profound statement about the reality we inhabit and is therefore foundational to everything the Buddha said and taught.

Conditionality explains how the universe works — from the mightiest galaxy to our human networks and interactions. It affirms the value of spiritual effort. It offers an organic rationale for ethics. It’s woven into every experience, every moment of our lives as we create the reality, the ‘conditioned existence’, we believe we’re inhabiting – and a ‘me’ who is inhabiting it.

With short talks, group discussion and meditation we’ll explore the dimensions on which conditionalty can be seen to operate. Let’s enjoy some time together and see if we can touch those depths for ourselves.
*participants should be familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and loving kindness meditations*

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Led by: Dh. Nagabodhi
Times: Sept 27, 7pmthrough Sept 29, 2pm