Supporting Aryaloka and its Work

Maintaining Aryaloka and all its programs requires a substantial operating budget. On top of routine expenses (mortgage, utilities, phone and building maintenance), we cover modest stipends for the Order members who work to support the center. We are also in the midst of a much-needed building renovation project, and there are always minor repairs and updates to be made. Income from retreats and rentals are not nearly enough to cover these costs.

There are many ways that you can help:

Make a donation – Whether large or small, your generosity is always appreciated.

Make an ongoing pledge – Our Mandala of Supporting Friends is the best way to contribute financially to Aryaloka.

Volunteer – Our volunteer kula system helps to keep our center running smoothly and is always looking for more help.

Thank you for your generosity

Within Buddhism, it is said that the greatest gift one can give is the means of self-transformation. Aryaloka is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community’s efforts to bring the Buddhist approach to individual spiritual development to as many people as possible. Your generous support helps us to advance our vision.