Event Dates: March 4, 7pm to March 8, 2pm

Listen to the sound of water
In the clefts and in the gullies:
The tiny streams gurgle loudly
— Mighty waters flow in silence.
From the Nalaka Sutta

This retreat provides a safe and supportive space to practice meditation in an atmosphere of deep silence. There is an emphasis on the collective aspect of practice, with the Five Precepts woven into the fabric of the daily program.

This retreat is for experienced meditators only. There is no meditation instruction provided, and all practice sessions are unguided. After the first day of introductions and discussions to get everyone started, we will be in Noble Silence until the morning of the final day. Participants are asked to be self-directed for the duration. There will also be opportunities for individual conversations with retreat leaders if desired.

Work responsibilities are kept to a minimum so that participants can focus on their practice. There will be some light kitchen duties, such as helping to serve meals and clean up.

While meditation is considered safe for healthy people, there are some for whom caution is advised. If this is your first time on an intensive meditation retreat, and you are dealing with emotional issues such as depression, trauma, grief, or other psychological diagnoses, please contact the office to discuss whether this retreat is right for you.

If you’d prefer not to book through Eventbrite you may email info@aryaloka.org or call 603-659-5456.

excerpt from the Nalaka Sutta trans. by Olendzki

painting detail ‘early autumn’ by Qian Xuan

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Led by: Dh Amala and Dh Narottama
Times: March 4, 7pm to March 8, 2pm
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Sliding Scale: $340/$260/$180
Level: Experienced
Directions: Directions Page

* At Aryaloka, we strive to make our programs available to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. Our fee structure allows you to pay according to your means. The Sustaining price is for people comfortably paying their rent or mortgage, and who can afford the occasional meal out and movie. The Sustaining price level also helps Aryaloka offer lower prices to those who could otherwise not afford to attend. Any payment above this price is a tax-deductible donation. Mid-Level prices are for those who have a regular income and are paying their mortgage or rent. Prices at this level contribute to the range of Aryaloka’s operating costs. The Base-Level price is for those without an income or with an income low enough that making ends meet is a challenge. Those whose circumstances are not included above can call the office to arrange alternate pricing.

* Retreat participants are asked to work together to prepare and clean up after meals and to help with general cleanup at the end of the retreat.