Event Date/Time: Sept 6, 7pm – Sept 8, 2pm

Much of what we work with in spiritual life is the varied and sometimes unpredictable weather of our inner world. Finding consistent energy for yoga and meditation, as well as dealing with what comes up in practice, are challenges we all face. Sometimes we may feel blocked, scattered, or too rough around the edges to effectively integrate our practice into our lives.

The Brahma-Viharas (sublime abodes) are a series of meditation practices, common to Buddhism and the yogic tradition, that work directly with the energy of the heart. Through the cultivation of unconditional love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity, we give ourselves the space to be with how we actually feel, to meet that with a kind awareness, and to find a greater capacity for positive emotion.

With traditional Ashtanga yoga, we will focus on breath synchronized movement to open the heart and produce an internal heat that detoxifies the muscles and organs. This results in improved circulation, a light, strong body, and a tranquil mind. We will also explore restorative hip opening and heart opening sequences, as well as yoga nidra – the powerful yogic sleeping meditation pose. Please bring your yoga mat, a bolster and yoga brick. Cushions and chairs for meditation are supplied.

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Led by: Dh. Suddhayu and Lona Kovacs
Times: Sept 6, 7pmthrough Sept 8, 2pm