Quan YinBuddhism is practical, intended for real life. We read about the ideals of unfailing compassion and transcendent wisdom and we have a desire to develop some of these qualities, hoping they might transform our life. Putting the ideals into practice means using all of our faculties – mind, heart, actions – in activities that are inspired by the Dharma.

All of the ways we practice as aspirants or as committed Buddhists find their way into the Aryaloka program of events: Going for Refuge, Study, Devotion, Meditation, Spiritual Friendship, Ethics, and more.

Please look for ways you might want to participate. There are

  • Classes and study groups for learning and exploration
  • Retreats for round-the–clock immersion
  • Meditation sessions for going within
  • Gatherings for developing friendships
  • Festivals for sharing inspiration
  • Arts and yoga for developing all parts of ourselves

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