Other Triratna Locations and Retreat Centers

Online Resources

  • Wildmind Buddhist Meditation: An online resource for learning meditation, including online courses and downloadable guided meditations.
  • Free Buddhist Audio: Hosting over 500 audio talks on Buddhism and meditation from the Triratna Community on our website, as well as hundreds of seminar and lecture transcripts.
  • Clear Vision Trust: Audio-visual materials for Buddhism for all ages, including DVD and interactive materials for children and teens.
  • VideoSangha: Triratna online video
  • Buddhist Ecopractice: “We believe that any effective Buddhist practice in today’s world must include an ecological perspective that is fully integrated into our everyday lives.”
  • LibrosBudistas.com: A specialized online bookshop that sells Spanish translations of Buddhist books.
  • Access to Insight: A website dedicated to providing information on Theravada Buddhism, most notably translations of the Pali Canon.

Web Directories and Portals

Socially Engaged Buddhist Organizations

  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship: An organization that aims to serve as a catalyst and agent for socially engaged Buddhism.
  • Karuna: Working with the poor in India, Karuna aims to give people from deprived backgrounds a sense of confidence and self-respect.
  • The Zen Hospice Project: A fusion of spiritual insight and practical social action, ZHP offers an innovative model for end-of-life care.

Online Journals

  • Dharma Life: An online magazine devoted to exploring Buddhism in the modern world.
  • Journal of Buddhist Ethics: An online scholarly journal dedicated entirely to the study of Buddhist Ethics.
  • Shambala Sun Online: The magazine about waking up, bringing a Buddhist view to all the important issues in modern life.
  • Tricycle.com: A non-profit quarterly magazine with an educational charter to spread the dharma.
  • Urthona: A magazine that explores the arts and Western culture from a Buddhist perspective.
  • Western Buddhist Review: A journal of Buddhist ideas, particularly as practised within the Triratna Buddhist Community.