Event Dates: March 28, 10 – 3

What happens when two great creators collide head on? Or even three? What happens when Shakespeare and Shostakovich meet? When Prokofiev turns Romeo and Juliet into ballet music, and when that then morphs into movie music? What arises when one of the greatest Hamlets of all time, Lawrence Olivier, encounters one of the great 20th century British composers, William Walton? An explosion of beauty!! How does Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story’ (aka Romeo and Juliet) love theme compare with Prokofiev or Nino Rota? And did you ever consider what makes a theme a love theme, and not a battle theme or a Cadillac commercial theme? Can the words of the immortal bard actually be enhanced by music? And how does music serve the plot, the characters, the emotional content?

In this retreat we will explore how music and text – Shakespeare – can be bound together to make a greater whole, how music not only creates, but charges atmosphere and mood. We will see what ingredients a composer chooses to cook with, inspired by the bard. And we will come away inspired by a greater familiarity and understanding of how and what composers do, the choices they make, to bring out meaning and text. Come and see – and hear – your favorite Shakespeare scenes brought to life – in living color – and living sound, all on the silver screen.

Come to a live performance of many of the works explored. Sravaniya will conduct the NH Philharmonic Orchestra in 2 concerts, May 2 at 7:30 and May 3 at 2 PM at the Seifert Auditorium, on Geremonty St. in Salem, NH.

If you’d prefer not to book through Eventbrite you may email info@aryaloka.org or call 603-659-5456.

Image detail from ‘The Reconciliation of the Montagues and the Capulets over the Dead Bodies of Romeo and Juliet’ by Frederick Leighton, 1850’s

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Led by: Dh Sravaniya (Mark Latham)
Times: March 28, 10-3
Venue: Aryaloka
Fee: Sliding Scale: $80/60/40
Level: Open to All
Directions: Directions Page

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