Aryaloka Remains Vital Online

Dear Friends of Aryaloka,

We hope that you are in good health and faring well in the current conditions of our world. We would like to share with you some news about Aryaloka to keep you well informed, and to let you know that we are here to support your practice of the Buddha’s teaching.

Aryaloka continues to host online classes and retreats. Tuesday Friends’ Nights carry on as they have done for 35 years! An in-depth study group meets on Wednesdays, women mitras study together on Thursdays, and a weekend retreat is held roughly once a month. Some workshops for learning meditation were held in the Spring, with more coming for the Fall. Look for emails and social media posts announcing each opportunity.

Aryaloka’s domes and other buildings are occasionally used for solitary retreat, but otherwise remain closed for group activities. While we have discussed possible openings, and legally could host some small gatherings, we prefer to be cautious and do not have plans to open the buildings in the next few months.

We all miss being together in our beloved space, taking in the calm and nourishment that has soaked into the very bones of the place over 35 years of practice. We miss chanting together; we miss the screen porch; we miss the support of being on retreat together in person. Yet Aryaloka is not abandoned.

Paul  is at Aryaloka almost every day, working on maintenance and various improvement projects. Gary  is our lawn mower par excellence. Roddy visits every week to take care of the beautiful indoor plants, while Dayalocana and Vidhuma and others have been on site to care for our gardens outside.  Some folks visit the stupa for practice and others walk the trails. We are grateful for the presence of loyal friends to keep Aryaloka in good condition.

Further support has come in financial form. We had successful fundraising appeals in May and June, with many friends contributing to the Mandala of Supporting Friends or to the NH Gives campaign. In addition to generous donations Aryaloka received funds through the Payroll Protection Program. Those funds have helped us continue to fully support our Center Manager, Suddhayu. Donations for online courses and retreats are of great help as well. We have not yet needed to dip into our reserve funds! Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

Work on new projects also continues. A new Aryaloka website is in the works and plans for more online opportunities are underway. We have five new mitra requests from folks who wish to dive more deeply into their study of the Dharma and their participation in the sangha. Sadhu!

If you would like to visit Aryaloka please feel free to walk the grounds or visit the stupa. If anyone else is there when you are, please wear your mask and keep a healthy distance. If you would like to get your hands dirty helping out in the gardens, or book a solitary retreat, please contact Suddhayu at

As you see, Aryaloka is alive and well, thanks to all the friends who continue to participate and support in many ways. We have every intention to carry on and grow. One day we will meet again in the domes to practice together. We look forward to that day with warm hearts and much gratitude.

With metta,


Chair of the Spiritual Vitality Council