Event Dates: Dec 12 and 13, 10am-1pm Eastern, both days

We all long for someone who will love us unconditionally. But what if that person is us?

Most us us have the habit of being hard on ourselves. We talk unkindly to ourselves and often we sacrifice our own well-being in order to “get things done.” We blame ourselves when things go wrong, and often fear that if we stop doing so we’ll cease to perform well.

We even blame ourselves for suffering, and see it as a sign of weakness, or as failure. Yet this being human is a difficult thing, and suffering is inevitable.

Fortunately we can learn to be kinder to ourselves. We can learn to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is the radically healing practice of treating ourselves with the kindness, respect, and gentleness that we would naturally offer to those we love.

Self-compassion arises from developing four skills: mindful awareness, acceptance, self-kindness, and realistic perspectives. Each of those skills can be cultivated through practice.

On this two-session online workshop, Bodhipaksa will introduce self-compassion step-by-step, so that we can learn to be more gentle with and understanding of ourselves, and so that we can extend those same qualities of gentleness and understanding to others.

Two Sessions: Satruday and Sunday, 10am-1pm Eastern both days.

Bodhipaksa was ordained in 1993 and has spent most of his time since then writing and teaching. He formerly ran Dhanakosa retreat centre in the Highlands of Scotland and has taught meditation in universities and in prisons. He’s the author of several books on meditation and Buddhist practice, including “This Difficult Thing of Being Human” — a book on self-compassion which was published by Parallax in November, 2019. He is also the founder of the online meditation center, www.wildmind.org.

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photo by Heiki Mintel

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Led by: Dh Bodhipaksa
Times: Dec 12 and 13, 10am-1pm Eastern
Venue: Zoom
Fee: By Donation, $25-$250 suggested
Level: Open to All
Directions: N/A

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