In this issue:Vajra Bell - April 2011

  • Continuing on the Noble Eightfold Path with “Clarity, Care, Continuity, and Categorization: The Multi-Faceted Practice of Right Mindfulness”
  • Sangha Notes Including News from the New York Sangha by Steve Bell
  • “The Five Levels of Dana Practice” – Exploring the Nature of Giving with Marcus Netherton
  • Movie Review: “Departures”
  • Aryaloka Center and Sangha Featured on N.H. Chronicle
  • “A Simple Cure for What Ails Me” – Reflections on Dukkha from Mary Schaefer
  • Contemplative Arts at Aryaloka and Upcoming Cultural Events
  • Two Articles on “Fixing” Samsara by Prasannavajri and Viriyagita
  • Sangha Poetry Written on the Mindfulness and Poem-Making Retreat