• From the Editor: Facing our Shadows of the Past, by Mary Schaefer
  • Create Beauty from our Collective Chaos, by Singhashri
  • Restorative Approach: A ‘Practice’ to Address Issues of the Past and the Future, by Jnanasiddhi
  • Sangha Notes, by Sangha Notes Contributors
  • Sangha Connections: Interview with Vajramati, by Bettye Pruitt
  • Aryaloka Hosts Order Convention for US and Canada, by Samayasri
  • Children’s Sangha: Developing Mindfulness and Gratitude, by Alisha Roberts
  • Dr. Ambedkar’s Children: Bending Toward Justice, by David Watt
  • Art, Meditation and Mindfulness – Connecting us to our Lives, by Deb Howard

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