Vajra Bell - Summer 2011In this issue:

  • Continuing on the Noble Eightfold Path with “Right Concentration: Learning to Cultivate the Four Jhanas”
  • Sangha Notes Including News from the New York Sangha and Concord Sangha
  • “Sports and the Spiritual Life” – Stephen Sloan reflects on discussion with Sangharakshita to reconcile two passions
  • Movie Review: “Great Souls: Mother Teresa”
  • Aryaloka Center to host Tibetan Monks’ Tour this coming August
  • Report from the Aryaloka Council on many changes, and how you can help be a part of the center’s future
  • Contemplative Arts at Aryaloka – Flowing ink, poetry, music, and movement are all parts of an active arts program
  • “Dhammapada: A Little Book with Big Lessons” by Mary Schaefer
  • “Erasing the Lines” – Richard Cormier examines the lines we do not cross