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Quan Yin

We are pleased to present the Aryaloka sangha newsletter, the Vajra Bell. All issues are available here for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

What does Vajra Bell mean? Vajra means thunderbolt or diamond, that which cuts through all obstacles to Enlightenment. The vajra is a representation of the Unconditioned, a union of opposites, the ultimate expression of wisdom and compassion. A vajra bell rings out far and wide the melody of Transcendental Reality. As a newsletter, the Vajra Bell serves as another vehicle for bringing the sangha together in common spiritual practice.

July 2010
Download July 2010 issue
  • Looking at Ways We Can Make Ethical Decisions - Perfection of Action by Dh. Karunasara
  • Musings on Travel from Free Buddhist Audio by Dh. Viryialila
  • Movie Review “The Buddha” by Dan Bush
  • DO and DON’T: Right Action and the Noble Eightfold Path by Dh. Amala
  • Setting the Stage for Aryaloka’s 25th Anniversary by Shir Haberman
  • Sangha Celebrates Name Change at Wesak by Dan Bush
  • Young Sangha Introduces Kids to the Dharma by Denise Connors
April 2010
Download April 2010 issue
  • Right Speech: Finding Wisdom by Watching Our Words by Stephen Sloan
  • A Spontaneous Kind of Magic by Dh. Sunada
  • Compassionate Communication by Shantigarbha
  • Movie Review: "Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion" by Eric Wentworth
  • Indian Order Member Kumarjeev Visits Aryaloka by Narottama
  • Vertical Awareness: Overcoming Doubt in Climbing Meditation by Peter Ingraham
  • Inner Discovery at Noble Silence Retreat by Narottama
Jan 2010
Download Jan 2010 issue
  • Perfecting Emotion by Surakshita
  • Perfect Vision Through the Brahma Viharas by Samayadevi
  • "Faces of Buddha,"Arts Evening, Showcase Creativity by Kiranada
  • Reflections on the Women’s GFR Retreat by Jean Corson
  • Becoming Ordained - One Year Later by Prasannavajri
  • Discovering the Ritual in Spiritual by Viriyalila
  • Two Stories of Solitary Retreat by Amala
  • Solitary Living by Narottama
Oct 2009
Download Oct 2009 issue
  • Amitabha and Reality by Saddhamala
  • Sharing Life Stories with My Mitra Sisters by Ashley Bush
  • What Happened A Year Ago? I Was Be-Side Myself... by Prasannavajri
  • Arts at Aryaloka Presents "Faces of Buddha" by Kiranada
  • Reflections on the Men’s GFR Retreat by Eric Wentworth
  • The Cetokhila Sutta and the Wildernesses of the Heart by Vidhuma
  • 12-Step Recovery and Buddhism by Barry S. Timmerman
Jul 2009
Download Jul 2009 issue
  • The Transcendent Buddha by Stephen Sloan
  • Goffstown Women’s Prison Begins Building Sangha by Samayadevi
  • Travelling India: Pilgrimage and Connection in the Buddhist Homeland by Dharmasuri
  • Movie Review: Life of Buddha by Eric Wentworth
  • A Day with the Dalai Lama by Eric Wentworth
  • Creating a Culture of Enquiry by Dhammaloka
  • Daily Life with Full Attention: Int'l Urban Retreat Engages Local Sanghas by Sunada, Dharmasuri, and Amala
Apr 2009
Download Apr 2009 issue
  • Center of the Buddha Mandala by Samayadevi
  • Movie Review: Tibetan Book of the Dead by Stephen Sloan
  • Practice Around the Globe: International Urban Retreat by Amala
  • The Unknown Story of the Burning Monk by Devamitra
  • Talking Quang Duc and Community with Devamitra, interview by Eric Wentworth
  • Mandala Pledge Drive is Happening Now! by Prasannavajri
Jan 2009
Download Jan 2009 issue
  • Introducting Amogasiddhi by Vidhuma
  • Green Tara: She Who Saves by Karunadevi
  • Remembering Punya, A Deeply Loved Friend by Buddhapalita
  • What Does Buddhism Say About Death and Rebirth? by Karunasara
  • Going Forth: Four Stories of Ordination
  • Annual October Auction at Aryakola by Elizabeth Hellard
Oct 2008
Download Oct 2008 issue
  • A Vision of Amitabha by Saddhamala
  • Pandaravasini, wise consort of Amitabha by Viriyagita
  • Movie Review: "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" by Eric Wentworth
  • San Francisco Hosts North American Order Convention by Suvarnaprabha
  • Self-View and the Tibetan Monks by Stephen Sloan
  • Festival of Celebration and Gratitude by Sheila Groonell
Jul 2008
Download Jul 2008 issue
  • Ratnasambhava Teaches Dana by Danamaya
  • Mamaki, Embodiment of Equinimity by Samasuri
  • Hungary for Change by Paramashanti
  • Movie Review of "Wall-E" by Eric Wentworth
  • Book Review of "Hello at Last" by Samayadevi
Apr 2008
Download Apr 2008 issue
  • Akshobya the "unshakeable" by Dharmasuri
  • Locana, the wise consort of Akshobya by Dayalocana
  • India: Nirvana in samsara, samsara in nirvana by Sheila Groonell
  • Family overnight a hit at Aryaloka
  • Living the Dharma by Dr. David Johnson
Jan 2008
Download Jan 2008 issue
  • Four Glimmerings on Wisdom by Candradasa
  • Prajna Awareness Comes through Experience by Vidhuma
  • Thoughts from Akashavana by Samayadevi
  • Supporting Dhamma Work Abroad by Surakshita
  • Vajra Bell Interview with Bodhana
Sep 2007
Download Sep 2007 issue
  • Samadhi, the Fifth Precept by Amala
  • Reflections on the Meaning of Samatha by Vidhuma
  • A Taste of Guhyaloka by Narottama
Jun 2007
Download Jun 2007 issue
  • Virya by Marilyn Dyer
  • Virya Lila-Style by Viriyalila
  • Sangha Notes by Sandy Bonin
  • Eco-Buddhism by Denise Connors
  • Mindfulness Retreat with Concord Sangha
  • Pictures from Work Day April 2007
  • Review of Vajra Sky Over Tibet by Betsy Sterling Benjamin
Mar 2007
Download Mar 2007 issue
  • Kshanti by Paramashanti
  • Sangha Notes by Sandy Bonin
  • A Visit from India by Anidaruddha
  • From the Concord Sangha
  • Upcoming Ordinations
  • Stepping up to Change the World by Viriyalila
  • History of the SF Buddhist Center by Karunadevi
Dec 2006
Download Dec 2006 issue
  • Ethics in Action by Karunasara
  • A Sense of Place - Betsy Sterling Benjamin's Artwork
  • Sila by Sandy Bonin
  • Report from the Council
  • Changes at Wildmind
  • Retreat at NH State Prison
  • Interview wifh Nagabodhi

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